Hope – Zen

Speranta (1)

The Zen concept can help you gain a wider perspective and see beyond what is in front of you. You can choose specific concepts to meditate on, like the Zen ideas of impermanence, the absence of self, or dualism. Or just practice mindful breathing and try to empty your mind of conscious thoughts. Don’t fight with any thoughts that do arise, just recognize them and let them pass by effortlessly like clouds in a sky or a leaf on a river. Eventually your mind with quiet itself on its own.

Speranta (2)

These unique and original craft ideas are intended to create a remarkable garden design that will make an enormous difference in a gray world.

Our decorative stones (or pebbles and even rocks) are made to colour your home (and garden and alleys) and to enrich your life.

We take them out of the mud, wash them and clean them, dress them in bright colors and help them to achieve in this “hard rock”’s world by giving them the necessary education to be top garden stones: delicate, loyal, cheerful and vigilant.

Thank you for supporting handcrafts.


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