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Heart testimony


Infinite testimony

Stairs in Stone – Magnet

Stairs in Stone - Magnet.jpg

Out of the Stone – Magnets

I’m Watching You – Magnet

I'm Watching You - Magnet

4 Cups Origami – Magnet

4 Cups Origami - Magnet.jpg

Swan Origami in Stone -Magnet

Swan Origami in Stone - Magnet

Origami Boat – Magnet

Origami Boat - Magnet.jpg

Anger – Magnet

Anger - Magnet.jpg

Roundabout – Magnet

Roundabout - Magnet.jpg

Lake Duck – Magnet

Lake Duck - Magnet.jpg

Chess Hole – Magnet

Chess Hole - Magnet.jpg

Loch Ness Monster – Magnet

Loch Ness - Magnet

The Persistence of Memory – Magnet

Homage to Dali

The Persistence of Memory - Magnet.jpg

The Persistence of Memory is a 1931 painting by artist Salvador DalĂ­, and is one of his most recognizable works.


Worms – Magnet

Worms - Magnet.jpg

Sharks – Magnet

Sharks - Magnet.jpg

Swan Lake – Magnet

Swan - Magnet.jpg

Victory – Magnet

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.Victory 25.jpg

Toroid – Magnet

Toroid - Magnet.jpg