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Fountain with Shells and Blue Nude – Decor


Fountain with Fish and Nude – Decor

Mirror Fountain – Decor

Mosaic Fountain – Decor

Fantana mozaic.jpg

Original Fountains – Decor

Ideal for parties, filled with alcoholic or soft drinks.

Fantani (6)Fantani

Yin & Yang – Mosaic


Smiley – Mosaic


Boole – Mosaic

Boole - Mosaic.jpg

Inflatable Mosaic

Grayn – Mosaic

Grayn - Mosaic.jpg

Meeting Parallels – Mosaic

All white and black tesserae are equal. However the parallel lines seem to not be parallel.Meeting Parallels - Mosaic.jpg

Pisces – Mosaic

Pisces - Mosaic.jpg

Saxophone Player or Beautiful Woman? – Mosaic


6 Rainbowed Birds – Mosaic

6 Rainbowed Birds.jpg

Greenude – Mosaic


Blue Nude Matisse – Mosaic

Matisse - Blue nude.jpg