Decorative Stones

Our decorative stones are made to give life and colour to any garden or alley. They can be used as good as decorations for flower pots, or for getting rid of the pests, or simply to delight guests.

The collected river stones are carefully selected, thoroughly washed and entirely painted with glossy alkyd paint (white, black, red, blue, yellow, green, brown) or water-based paint. Design and details are added with special markers for personalization.

The water-based paint looks velvety matte and it is available in a palette of 11 special shades: Contemporary White, Prêt-a-porter Yellow, Passionate Red, Chic Fuchsia, Glamorous Orange, Distinguished Coffee, Eclectic Brown, Unique Ochre, Creative Grey, Couture Turquoise, Exotic Green. But by combining these shades we obtained a more higher range of colours – see here.

Note: the paint used does not contain lead and respects the international standards for safety operation. We use only high quality paint and accessories.

Short description for main categories:

Flowers – a wide range of beautiful flowers: poppies, pansies, lavender, daisies, callas, gladiolus, carnations, sunflowers, bluebells, roses, lily of the valley, clovers, dandelions;

Strawberries – imitating the real fruits, but available all year;

Trees – delicate, but strong; willows, cherry trees, branches and bushes;

Binions / Clowns / Pirates / Cartoons – made to enjoy children; funny or happy faces;

Monsters – scary, but funny or adorable, available in all colours;

Animals / Birds – diverse, intensely colored, very popular amongst children;

Marine – out-of seawater: octopus, sea horse, whale, star fish, crab;

Owls – available in all all colours, distinguished by sharp big eyes, bringing good luck;

Chicks and peepers – matty or glossy yellow, delicate and quiet;

Insects – this time non-hazardous: butterflies, spiders, fossils;

Ladybirds – imitating these gentle insects, available in all colours, made with different stains: round, square, triangle etc.

Totems –  spirit beings, sacred objects, meant to protect you and your home;

Zen – the Zen concept can help you gain a wider perspective and see beyond what is in front of you;

and many-many more…

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