How 2 Buy

# Cost

The cost of decorative stones starts at 4€*, depending on the weight (and thus the size and surface) of the stone:

  • <100 g – 4€
  • 100-500 g – 5€
  • 0.5-1 kg – 6€
  • for each additional kg add 1€/kg

For example, a 10 kg decorative stone costs 15€ (6€+9€) and one of 15 kg costs 20€ (6€+14€).


  • indeed, the price is very low compared to similar products on the market (if you don’t believe surf the internet!) and in terms of quality
  • for UK you can use the conversion of 1€ = £0.8. E.g. 5€=£4 or 10€=£8.

So at a price lower than a bunch of flowers (which wither after a week) you can get a souvenir or a special gift for your loved ones or which can make them remember of you forever.

Examples below:

1 kg Decorative Stones


10 kg Decorative Stones

From 100g to 10kg

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# The Order

Now please have patience and, for save money, read carefully what follows.

Basically contact us on the email ( and send your preorder so:

  • please specify the model, via the website link where you found the stone that you liked
  • because it is possible that some products will no longer be in stock due to other honored orders, please specify also the weight or approximate dimensions and possibly the color (if you want to try a different color than the one used by us)
  • after receiving the preorder we will send you the estimate price and period of execution
  • if requested products are already in stock or after they are ready we will send you a picture of the ordered items and after you approve it and pay the shipping we will send you the final order.

# The Shipping Cost

Due to prohibitive costs of transport we prefer to send the package with more than 5 items in it, in which stones to fall in the following sizes: up to 10 kg weight and / or length / width / height up to 40 cm.

For example, if a package contains 30 pieces of 1 kg each (a unit value of 6€), they weigh together 30 kg, which makes the cost of transport to be around 50€, which means an acceptable cost below 2€ per piece.

But if we have only two parts that weigh together 30 kg, let’s say two stones of 15kg, whose unit cost is 20 €, the cost of transport is the same (50 €), which means an enormous transport cost of 25€ per piece, which (i assume that you agree!) is unacceptable: it not only doubles the item’s cost, but is even higher than that of the stone itself.

😦 It’s like you want to buy a bottle of wine of 80€ and would have to pay 100€ extra for the delivery. You give up, right?

🙂 By the way, instead of pay 80€ for a bottle of wine – gift to a dear friend – better give him/her 10 astonishing decorative stones that will make him/her happy and remembers you for a long time. While the wine disappears in sewer an hour later 😦

Therefore to get a unit cost of transportation acceptable we recommend you the *total weight 30 kg*. To achieve it you can combine with your friends, relatives or neighbors and by choosing several pieces you can get an excellent price.

*total weight 30 kg* = maximum accepted yet for a reasonable cost around 50€ at the most convenient carrier that operates the RO-EU relationship

Finally, the transit time (working days) is usually 4-6 days from the moment the parcel is delivered to the carrier. We will sent you the tracking number to can see where your parcel is and to could estimate the moment of arrival.

Note: we must recognize that the maximum weight accepted by this carrier is 31 kg, but we’ve indicated only 30 kg, because we reserve the right to put a free gift in your package.

Once you have received the order we will let you enjoy it. If you are satisfied by our creations we would be very grateful if you pay the order in the shortest time, so we can buy materials, pay utilities and produce new creations – so on the next order you can choose something different and your delight to increase over time as completing your collection of unique artistic creations (at least for the fact that are not two stones the same) and original crafts (because no one has ever tried what will we offer you).

Thank you for supporting crafts,

Mena & Doru

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