Keychains, Magnets, Badges and Rings

Keychains – accompanies you everywhere, giving it good mood, keeping company to the things you care about most.

The keyrings are made of river pebbles carefully selected, labeled with famous quotes (funny or motivational) and then carefully protected with special stone varnish.

They are equipped with a 4 mm hole rounded at both ends and equipped with a metal ring for immediate use.

Each keychain is accompanied by a surprise (charm handmade) and delivered in small and delicate organza gift bag.

Magnets – river pebbles very detailed painted or drawn, protected by a double layer of varnish and fitted on their back with a very slim special magnet (Neodim) to could be fixed on metal surfaces.

Multiple categories available: celebrities, animals, hearts, 3D, flowers, happy faces, silhouettes, illusions, tattooes, fossils, places, colors etc.

Badges and rings – have original drawings, same as magnets, but are equipped with safety pin or a round base for rings.

Any magnet item can be a badge or a ring and vice versa.

Magnets 25

Owl - Badge

Ladybird F 25

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